„A vertical garden that manages itself. For us as property developers and managers, this is exactly the right solution.“

Marius Sauter Rental Management Stuttgart Airport

„A vertical garden is the perfection of interior design.“

Dr Roman Wagner CEO, W+P workspace consulting GmbH

„A vertical garden without personnel-intensive maintenance: This is absolutely great news for all operators of restaurants, hotels and shopping centres.“

Stefan Weber Managing Partner, casualfood GmbH

A breakthrough in the realisation of modern interior greening

JardinWall is the world’s first digitalised and fully automated vertical garden system. It is a milestone in the creation and ease of maintenance of attractive contemporary interior greening systems.

Improve the visible ambience of your commercial or public buildings, modern offices, retail spaces, hotels or restaurants.

Digital and fully automated for

Real estate

Shopping centres



Nature meets artificial intelligence

Thanks to its flexible PlantBox modules, JardinWall can be installed in any size of space.

JardinWall is fitted with intelligent sensors and a digital control unit.

Highly specialised algorithms in the data cloud optimise the input supply.

Developed by experts

JardinWall brings together the know-how of industry experts and scientists from three disciplines in a globally unique vertical garden system.

IT experts

Technical product development and implementation of the digital supply system.

Integration of cloud-based deep learning algorithms.

Product designers

Hexagonal plant boxes for optimal plant density and moisture distribution.

Maximum modularity and flexibility for any location and size of space.


Three optimised planting scenarios for different light conditions.

Individual combination of adaptable and robust plant species.

Developed with the support of

Product information