Scalable for any location

Whatever dimension you’re thinking, JardinWall is scalable to almost any imaginable size thanks to its hexagonal PlantBox modules.

JardinWall is suitable for your location:

With a connection to the local water supply, JardinWall works completely automatically and can also be linked to the building control system.

Visibly enhanced environment

Guests and customers return intuitively to places that meet their needs for a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. The trend towards sustainability makes it vital these days to have an attractive greening concept.

JardinWall is a natural highlight that effectively underscores the modernity of your brand. Ensure a positive response from visitors with a permanently fresh presence. Motivate your target group!

Maximum exclusivity for real estate

Intelligent greening concepts can form an integral element of any property – whether as an innovative architectural extra in your new design or as a refurbishment upgrade. JardinWall is the sustainable and natural answer to today’s user needs.

The trendsetting technology employed in this smart, fully automated greening system enables flexible and customised integration into existing properties or into the architecture of new developments.

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